Service Strategy
In the early stage, we first focus on the customer's needs, which is more conducive to the customer's liking for our profession. Then, we provide our professional knowledge on the customer's products to provide them with reference and assist them in completing a perfect product. If the client needs design related services, we will also have corresponding designers to provide feedback to the client.
1、 Printing Business Process
1. Customers can consult online or through hotlines or visit stores, and professional business personnel can negotiate and understand customer requirements
2. Preliminary graphic and text design
3. Customer team modification
4. Customer Finalization Review
5. Sign a printing and processing contract and deliver a deposit
6. Machine printing
7. Post processing
8. Finished product inspection
9. Cost packaging and door-to-door transportation
2、 Printing process flow
1. Production and sampling
2. Assembly and printing PS version
3. Machine printing
4. Post processing [binding: folding, adhesive binding, horse riding binding, locking (wired and wireless), laminating]
5. Cutting 6. Finished product packaging and delivery
7. After the customer receives the goods and checks without any errors, the payment is made and the order is completed

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